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 How to Use Music in Move With Balance 

The Music manual includes the lyrics for all the songs, and explains how and when we use the music. Bill Fuller has written original songs for Move With Balance® that have become our trademark theme songs, and are used in every class. We have taken “oldies”, old familiar tunes and have added fun, snappy lyrics. All the music is carefully integrated into the activities. The manual explains which songs go with which Move with Balance® movements. The seniors love to move and sing along.

Curriculum and Addendum for Low– to Mid– Functioning Elders

This manual includes lesson plans, curriculum and music for each of the ten 1.5 hour weekly sessions. In addition, this manual includes an Addendum to the original Move With Balance® book, which contains new, exciting exercises that are not in the book, but are presented in the same manner as the book—the WHY and HOW we do the activities.




There are demos of the 10 original songs and 7 oldies to use with the Move with Balance® activities in the store.

Marketing Webinars

The Move With Balance® webinar is a upgraded powerpoint, more like video. The state of Maryland requested we make this webinar for their Area Offices on Aging. Karen Peterson, founder of Move With Balance®; William Fuller, musician; Lorrin Pang MD, Maui District Health Officer; and Kristin Mill, epidemiologist with the Hawaii Department of Health speak on their areas of expertise on the webinar. We have two versions, 44 minutes and 25 minutes. The long version is complete; the short version has less on program evaluation. The webinar gives you a very clear understanding of the program. An Area Agencies on Aging can share these webinars with other AAA’s in their state. Departments of health can share these webinars with prospective health practitioners.



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