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We grow the emotional and physical well-being of our elders through functional and cognitive exercises in their communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of all older adults by pairing active seniors with frail elders in loving inter-generational relationships. We meet this challenge by offering learning opportunities that include integrated movements, original music, vision training, focusing and balance exercises in our goal of preventing injuries from falls and enhancing cognitive skills.

“Every day I see how vibrant and full of wisdom the elders are. So much of the pain and loss of function associated with ageing is preventable. I love what I do, I love seeing the look of discovery and renewed hope in the seniors we help.”

Karen Petersen MA

Founder and Executive Director, Giving Back

Our Story

The Move With Balance program is the heartĀ of Giving Back, our non-profit started in 2000 to help children, fit seniors, and frail elders.

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The Team

OurĀ founder and mentors are passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping others experience the elder years with health and vitality.

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Our Funders

The work we do to help individuals and families live their fullest lives is made possible by the contributions of our generous funding partners.

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