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I love it when this happens. David Kintler, from Port Saint Lucie, FL bought the Move With Balance® book in 2015. He contacted me March 18, 2018 and had this to say:

“The first time I used your book/videos was to help me recover from a stroke about 3 years ago – in 90 days I was almost as good as new.  I contacted you again because I fractured my pelvis (now healed) but I am beginning to learn to walk again.  Appreciate your good work.”–David Kintler

I asked him for a photo of himself, and he sent me the one you see on his 82nd birthday March 20.

Bill Fuller, the Move With Balance® musician, sent David a birthday song he wrote called “Another Journey Around the Sun”.  David said it made his day. You can enjoy the song, too, with the link below. Scroll near the bottom and click.

Bill’s songs are aslo available on Scroll down to the Music.

Please send me your success stories.