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Laura Vandegrift, a Move With Balance® instructor from Sedona, AZ wrote me this wonderful letter. I am including 1/2 of her letter today and 1/2 in the future.

“Hi Karen:  Just a quick update on my classes and some interesting stories and pictures.

I have been teaching the Move with Balance program for 3 years.  Last I started teaching at the Sedona Winds Assisted Living Center.  These people are low functioning and some with memory problems.  Recently a lady named Lyla and her husband arrived at the center.  She comes to class almost every week and shared with the class that she can now cross her legs which she could not due prior to the classes because of her stroke. With the vision exercises, she can now move her eyes back and forth, which she could not do in the beginning. She practices a lot of the movements in her room and is slowly improving.

I also present the program at the Sedona Community Center and I have a 95 year old gentleman who comes almost every week.  When he first started he was using a cane.  Now he does not need it.  He loves the class and recognizes how much it is helping him not only with balance, but focus and concentration.

Attached are some pictures from both facilities.  Thanks for all your efforts in putting this program together.  It helps so many people.”